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By means of a dedicated task force, Grapho performs media relations activities, above all on TV and radio. Companies, institutions, consortia and organisations can thus promote and protect their products and services, strengthening their reputation and gaining and maintaining the trust of consumers and the general public. All this by means of high-quality editorial content, aimed at generating interest, memorability of the message and culture, with an outlay that is considerably less than the purchase of advertising space.


Our methods of operation are targeted for:

1. Build

a strong media presence, managed through a conscious, organised and systematic strategy;

2. Support

the Client, right from the start, in the choice of communication objectives and the definition of information content.

3. Create Culture

building or renewing an organisation’s image, and thereby increasing credibility and reputation to create competitive benefits.

By means of ongoing contacts with over 150 journalists and 200 editors and broadcasting writers, and a narrative designed to position the product or topics to be promoted within a context of history, tradition, collective experience and links to the territory, we are able to implement journalistic services for our Clients that attain the following results:

  • generate awareness
  • create customer choice
  • enhance reputation