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Grapho Marketing & Communication is a media, digital & marketing agency specialising in the design, production and implementation of multimedia campaigns in Italy and worldwide. Our flagship sectors are products Made in Italy, tourism, health & wellness, and quality European food production.




Grapho has a consolidated staff that over the years has developed solid and effective expertise in its areas of activity. In addition, it relies on a highly reliable and proven team of external collaborators, who bring new ideas and energy into the agency.


We design and implement:

  • communication strategies
  • national and international promotional campaigns
  • media relations
  • media planning
  • sponsorships
  • PR planning and public image policy
  • direct marketing and editorial activities
  • online communications and social media
  • audiovisual and multimedia productions


We work with:

  • marketing and communication specialists
  • art directors and copywriters
  • professional journalists
  • researchers
  • graphic designers and editorial technicians
  • experts in media platforms and social media channels
  • experts in digital and multimedia tools


All the activities performed by Grapho Marketing & Communication are certified by the ISO 9001:2015 International Standard for Businesses, Government and Organisations.