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Integrated promotional campaigns

Grapho has played a leading role in the changes that have taken place in communications over recent decades, and it has successfully applied its vast heritage of experience in the areas of contemporary technology and new media. That’s why Grapho can provide comprehensive services for advertising communications, utilising cutting-edge online and offline media.

Our dedicated team designs and implements:
▪ online and offline campaigns
▪ ATL and BTL communications
▪ videos and commercials
▪ press announcements
▪ radio announcements
▪ social media management
▪ apps
▪ logos and naming
▪ media planning

Public Relations – Press Office

Consolidated experience and a dense network of contacts are the factors underpinning our efficient PR and Press Office service, and above all our Media Relations activities. By means of flexible, engaging content that enables us to optimise the number of contacts, we reach both the general public and specific target audiences.

This makes it possible to vastly increase the familiarity of brands and their respective products, creating the vital “trust factor.” This is because messages are not transmitted in the usual advertising spaces, but as part of editorial programmes, also giving maximum visibility to events organised for the promoted products.

Television co-productions

By means of our consolidated relations with major television channels, we can produce extensive reports or entire television programmes dedicated to our clients, therefore adapting the themes to be promoted to the programmes’ format.

This offers exceptional opportunities for the promotion of products and sector professionals, by means of interviews, reportage or cooking shows, in which the presenters themselves become testimonials.

Editorial and multimedia productions

Utilising the energy and expertise of our creative and press office personnel, we fulfil the conceptualisation, creativity, execution and production of:
▪ brochures, leaflets, flyers
▪ informative and promotional publications
▪ catalogues and thematic maps
▪ point of sale marketing materials
▪ websites and apps
▪ gadgets

Our creative office is on hand to perform the entire process, from concept to finished product.

Organisation of events

Conceptualisation of the most innovative formats and a constant search for the most suitable context: these are the principal ingredients of our work on the design and production of events, accompanied by a complete, bespoke service that starts from contacts with suppliers through to the design and production of accessory elements such as stands, installations, gadgets and brochures.

Clients are dedicated constant attention at every stage: from the development of the most effective marketing strategy to the identification of possible testimonials and personalities, and including media involvement, the main focus of our activities.